JWI522: CEO Meeting: Managing Conflicts and Confidences

HR leaders frequently find themselves in situations that require tact and diplomacy. While most business decisions are made in ways that balance potential conflicts, occasionally, there are serious ethical and legal challenges that must be navigated. C-Suite leaders must be able to deal with situations that do not have an obviously “right” solution, that involve power struggles and confidences and that sometimes pit the interests of individuals against one another, and the interests of the business. HR leaders must also understand the role they play both as advocates for employees and strategic partners to the C-Suite. Having a seat at the table frequently requires a delicate and nuanced approach to conflict management, while still demanding that HR be clear in its message. It also, frequently, requires that decisions must be made about if, when and how to bring a problem to the CEO and when the issue should be dealt with at a lower level

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Thursday, September 12, 2019


Managing Conflicts and Confidences

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