Leadership-Connection CEO

For this assignment you will speak and write in the (first-person) as the new CEO of your chosen organization. To get started, you must select your organization for the Capstone Project. Then answer the following questions:

• What are the current trends in your industry? What do you see as some of biggest challenges and opportunities your organization faces? What strategy (or strategies) are you considering for improving your current performance (1 year) PLUS 'leapfrogging your competitors' (3 years)?

• What is the most important financial data intend to evaluate and interpret? What is that data telling you about the current health of your organization? What areas need to be changed to: (a) improve your short term (1 year) profits and (b) finance your future 'game changing move’ (3 years). Discuss and defend the investments that will be needed to win.

Remember: You must answer the discussion questions by speaking in the first person as the CEO of your organization and respond to your peers as a Board member of their organization.

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