Lp10 Assignment Corporate Cultures/ Assigned To Cultures

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Learning Plan 10

Target Competency Analyze the importance of building long-term partnerships after the sale.

Directions for Assignment Corporate Cultures

Corporate culture represents the values and beliefs held by senior management. A company’s culture shapes the attitudes and actions of the employees and influences the development of policies and programs. In 250 – 300 words: • Perform an Internet search and find a company’s website. • List the name of the company and provide the mission statement of the company. Make sure to properly cite the website. Review the career section of the website. Note any policies on benefits, etc. • Based on your research, and in your words, describe what you think about the culture of the company. Would you like to work for this company? Why or why not?

Submit the assignment as a Word document to your instructor via the dropbox “LP10 Assignment: Corporate Cultures.” This assignment is worth 40 points and will be graded according to the following scoring guide:

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