PSY 410 Personality Disorders Outline

Personality Disorders Outline

Create an Outline that lists two of the ten personality disorders: I have chosen Schizotypal personality disorder and Histrionic personality disorder, along with the diagnostic criteria (symptoms) and a possible treatment approach for each individual disorder. Include key points to explain how each treatment works to address that specific disorder.

The two personality disorders for my portion of the team assignment are Schizotypal personality disorder and Histrionic personality disorder.

Include one peer-reviewed source for the treatment of each personality disorder (2 total) in addition to the course text: Abnormal Psychology, Sixteenth Edition, by James N. Butcher, Jill M. Hooley, and Susan Mineka. Published by Pearson. Copyright © 2014 by Pearson Education, Inc.. Make sure to use in-text citations throughout the paper. I have attached an example outline for your guidance.

Format with a title page and reference page.

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