PSYCH 525 Week 5 Psychology

Question A

Your textbook talks about how there is a difference among the IQ's of races.

What is this difference and what would you account for the difference among the races in IQ's? Focus on the nature vs. nurture argument as well as the twin studies discussed in the book. You may do outside research as well.

Please be sensitive when discussing this - and make sure you use resources to back up your claims and ideas.

Question B

In the book, there is a discussion about false memories - and how children can have them implanted. Have you ever sworn you remembered something one way and then had it be something completely different? •If so - tell the story.

Also - explain what Loftus's research on the subject said as well as your opinion on whether children's memories BY THEMSELVES should be enough to convict someone of a crime and why you feel this way.

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