Review Ansoff's strategic opportunity matrix

 Part 1:Review Ansoff's strategic opportunity matrix. There are four very important strategies explained. These are (1) Market Penetration, (2) Product Development, (3) Market Development and (4) Diversification.  In the text, the example of Starbucks is used. Find another company to use and develop your own example of this matrix. (This will help you to identify strategic alternatives and is part of the final paper concepts that will need to be demonstrated in this class.)Part 2:Perform a Situation Analysis (SWOT Analysis) on a large, well-known company of your choice, but not Wendy's or Burger King as those will be done in the homework. Refer to the additional .pdf provided in this module SWOT Analysis Overview.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window and refer to your text on Conducting a Situation Analysis (2-5). This is a very important tool to be able to use.  Though this is the first SWOT of the class and will not be as comprehensive as later ones done in the class and in homework, conduct the SWOT identifying internally at least 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses (ranked in order, with bullet points) and externally at least 5 opportunities and 5 threats (ranked in order, with bullet points). If listing competition as a threat, must include sub-listings of direct and indirect competition. If listing items like the economy as a threat, need to explain in a short bulleted answer. If your bulleted point is very general, follow it with a justification. (This will help you to describe components of a SWOT, identify sources of competitive advantage, identify target market strategies, and is part of the final paper concepts that will need to be demonstrated in this class.)Overall, somewhere in this discussion should have at least one, if not more, sources for your supportive information. Properly cite the source in the body of your text and then include a reference section at the end. Note; DO NOT just cut and paste a SWOT analysis you find on the internet. You can use the internet to research your company, but not to just someone else's SWOT into the assignment. Your work needs to original and supported with references and facts.
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