RSCH 8100: Research Theory, Design, and Methods and RSCH 8300: Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis

At this point in your program, you have completed at least two of Walden’s required courses on research - 

You have also completed various other required courses, and it is likely that you have attended one (or more) residencies.

Upon completing RSCH 8100, you were asked to reflect upon your progress and growth in becoming an independent researcher. Since then, you have undoubtedly become more familiar with the literature and topics prevalent in your field, as well as gained additional insights into becoming an independent scholar-practitioner.

For this Discussion, consider the level of Exemplary work to be produced by reviewing the Discussion Rubric.

When working with the rubric you will note the various tabs at the bottom of the document. There is a tab for each Discussion Question. For efficiency's sake, I recommend you focus on the Week 4 Discussion 2 rubric to inform your answer to the Week 1 Discussion 1 and 2 questions.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by your reflections on the following:

1-Based upon the exemplary criteria listed in the Discussion Rubric, what opportunities for improvement are needed for you to produce exemplary work in this course?

2-What competencies and resources will you draw upon to guide your efforts?

3-In addition to your coursework, course readings, and independent research, what additional resources or skills will you need, if any, to develop your prospectus and your dissertation?

4-What additional information might you need to ensure an appropriate research design is selected and implemented for your dissertation?

5-What questions, if any, do you have about the Discussion Rubric?

Field of study: 
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