SO245 Lessons 6 & 7 Exam

Question 1 (2.5 points)

In the actuality of war, the means of diplomacy-trade, commerce, and civil discourse-are suspended. Therefore, it can be said that
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Question 2 (2.5 points)

During the Battle of _______ in the Pacific, kamikaze attacks produced very high American casualty rates.
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Question 3 (2.5 points)

The largest imperial state in ancient history in geographic terms was established under
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Question 4 (2.5 points)

During the American Civil War, which technological advance was directly linked to logistics?
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Question 5 (2.5 points)

The von Schlieffen plan was aborted by the
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Question 6 (2.5 points)

Civilian mortality during wars was about 15 percent of all casualties during World War I. That rate climbed to 65 percent in World War II. Today, the civilian casualty rate in armed conflict is around _______ percent.
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Question 7 (2.5 points)

At the beginning of World War II, the Western Allies' initial military operations took place in
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Question 8 (2.5 points)

A day after Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, _______ ordered mobilization against Austria-Hungary.
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Question 9 (2.5 points)

Which statement is true concerning the Armenian genocide?
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Question 10 (2.5 points)

Partisans use strike and retreat, harassment, and sabotage tactics. Partisans can be said to engage in _______ warfare.
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Question 11 (2.5 points)

Who proposed that "man is wolf to man"?
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Question 12 (2.5 points)

According to the course, which statement is true regarding the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs?
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Question 13 (2.5 points)

Which two countries were world powers at the end of World War II?
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Question 14 (2.5 points)

The French wars of religion amounted to a civil war that ended in
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Question 15 (2.5 points)

During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, covert military aid was provided to the militant mujahidin by the West. As a result, Soviet forces were driven out of that country. This is an example of a(n) _______ war.
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Question 16 (2.5 points)

The country that sustained the largest number of fatalities during World War II was
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Question 17 (2.5 points)

Following World War I, which country refused to sign the Treaty of 
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Question 18 (2.5 points)

Napoleon set the stage for modern warfare by mastering all of the following, except
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Question 19 (2.5 points)

According to _______, "Armed conflict kills and maims more children than soldiers."
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Question 20 (2.5 points)

During the first day of the Battle of the Somme, about 60,000 British troops were killed by
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Question 21 (2.5 points)

Since 1931, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are referred to as _______ of the British Commonwealth.
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Question 22 (2.5 points)

Which statement is false regarding Portuguese and Spanish colonialism?
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Question 23 (2.5 points)

At its height, the British Empire occupied about _______ of Earth's land areas.
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Question 24 (2.5 points)

Due to factors such as social class, race, and ethnicity, poverty is
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Question 25 (2.5 points)

According to Wallerstein, the _______ was the first global hegemon.
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Question 26 (2.5 points)

Following NATO invasions beginning in 2001, several multinational oil companies have made agreements with _______, enabling them to control and profit from a country with the world's second proven oil reserves.
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Question 27 (2.5 points)

In 1957, the first sub-Saharan British colony to declare independence was Ghana, formerly known as
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Question 28 (2.5 points)

Today, all of these countries are considered post-industrial states, except
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Question 29 (2.5 points)

Under British rule in India, British-trained native troops were called
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Question 30 (2.5 points)

Which statement is true of the Rwanda genocide?
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Question 31 (2.5 points)

As a result of the economic depression in Europe, colonial powers in the nineteenth century used their colonies as "dumping grounds." An earlier eighteenth precedent for this occurred when thousands of _______ were shipped to _______.
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Question 32 (2.5 points)

According to Wallerstein, all of these countries are considered core states, except
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Question 33 (2.5 points)

According to Wallerstein, because Russia's economy was almost entirely domestic in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it should be counted among the _______ nations.
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Question 34 (2.5 points)

Colonies established by the Dutch East India Company in Indonesia were aimed at monopolizing the _______ trade.
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Question 35 (2.5 points)

Who was King Leopold's "man in Africa"?
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Question 36 (2.5 points)

Between 1600 and 1765, the British East India Company established _______ at Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras.
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Question 37 (2.5 points)

Today, Canada's RCMP is an entirely independent agency and the rough equivalent of America's
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Question 38 (2.5 points)

Which statement is false regarding peripheral countries or regions?
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Question 39 (2.5 points)

Which Western nations claimed the greatest square mileage in colonial Africa?
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Question 40 (2.5 points)

In the New World, the era of Western colonialism was initiated by
Question 40 options:

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Saturday, June 13, 2020


SO245 Lessons 6 & 7 Exam

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