Topic Selection for Researched Argument


This discussion should be helpful in generating and refining topics for your Researched Argument essay (look ahead to week six). This practice also may be helpful in future writing projects. 

1.    List three potential topics that interest you.

2.    Write at least one question about each of the above topics (remember: who, what, where, when, why, and how)

3.    Answer each of the above questions with a statement/sentence that contains the words should, must, or need as a helping verb. This should help to establish your thesis. 

4.    After answering the questions, which of these topics interests you enough to research and write about? 

5.    Write a paragraph or two based on what you already know about this topic. Try to come up with several points (or reasons) why your statement (aka thesis) is true. Think about how someone would try to prove it isn’t.

Next, respond to at least two of your classmates' entries. Try to find some questions to ask about your classmates' topics that could help them craft a better argument.  Perhaps there may be something about their proposal that doesn't quite make sense yet; perhaps you've come across a piece of research that could help; whatever the case, get in there and lend a hand.

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