week8 only do one discussion

OPTION #1 Managing Diversity (Thank You to Wilnette for inspiring this week’s DQ)

In today's society, we have to work with a variety of personalities including, but not limited to, different generations, ethnicities, genders, values & attitudes. As leaders, we have to manage individuals with diverse personalities and communicate across various channels, ensuring that everyone understands our message equally.

Imagine you are a millennial managing a team of Generation Y, X, and Baby Boomers. How will you get their respect for your leadership? Will you change your style of communication? If so, how? If not, why?


OPTION #2 Negative Nancy Scenario (thank you to Wanda for inspiring this week’s DQ)

At the ABC Auto Parts Company people work in teams. When a line doesn't have enough parts, the workers are sent to other lines. Nancy is a complainer and a known morale destroyer. She whines all the time, and complains about management decisions. She is sent to a new line for the day, which is common when a line manager is in need. Andy, the line manager, greets her. Andy’s line is a busy one and generally requires staff from other lines. Andy smiles and says, "We're glad to have you as part of our team again today, Nancy. You are the fastest line person in the company!" Nancy answers, "This isn't what I was hired to do. I'm only here because I have to be." Andy tries to explain the details of the day. But every time he says something, Nancy whines and criticizes the way the line is being managed. Andy decides to try to make the best of it. However, on the morning break, several other team members address Andy about how much Nancy complains and blames them when something on the line doesn’t go quite right. Later in the day, the line stops while more parts are brought in. Nancy whines, "This is stupid. Why can't management get it right? I don't care if they pay me to sit here and do nothing. I am not lifting another finger until someone with a brain gets this line moving." When the line gets up and running again, Nancy whines that she was just getting comfortable, "..and there's only an hour and a half left in the day anyway." Andy tells her that they need her back on the line because the customer is waiting for the order. Nancy, reluctantly, goes back to the line and starts complaining and being a morale destroyer.

Eventually, the team fulfills the order and gets the parts to the customer – mostly due to Nancy’s efforts. Nancy’s negativity kills your team, annoys them, & ruins their day. However, she is very good at her job and you KNOW you will get the job done when you have to pull her over to your line.. If you were Andy, how would you handle this situation? What do you do the next time you need an extra person on your line to fulfill an order

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