Analysis of a Culture of Learning

Please note: The first assignments in Units 1 and 2 are related. In Unit 1, your work was graded for completion and relevancy. In Unit 2, your work will be graded with a content-specific rubric.

Before you draft your paper, review the scoring guide for the Unit 2 assignment. Since each criterion of the rubric will contribute to your grade on the paper, it is a good idea to develop an outline of headings and subheadings that you will use in your paper. This will help you to include all necessary elements in the assignment.

Assignment Instructions

Review Cuyahoga Community College's AQIP Systems Portfolio 2012, including the "Institutional Overview" (pages 1–8) and focusing particularly on the Processes section (pages 9–18) of "Category One: Helping Students Learn." Write an integrated scholarly analysis of the way Cuyahoga has addressed the regulatory requirements that affect the Cuyahoga learning culture.

Recall that in writing the paper for Unit 1, you were asked to include:

  • A definition of culture that incorporates the way it is used in education.
  • The differences in meaning between the construct of culture of learning and the construct of learning culture.
  • One learning or educational theory that contributed to the emergence of culture of learning as an educational construct.
  • Three different cultures of learning as described in the literature.

As you write about Cuyahoga's regulatory experience, use what you learned in the Unit 1 assignment to develop your analysis and to ensure that it is based upon a careful reading of the literature more than on your personal opinion. Be sure to include in your paper:

  1. A comparison between the constructs of learning culture and culture of learning as they are used in the education literature.
  2. A description of how the climate, the values, and the behaviors of an institution manifest its culture of learning.
  3. An explanation of the connection between the organizational process of an educational institution and its culture of learning.
  4. A description of the ethical and regulatory dimensions related to improving the culture of learning in an educational institution.
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Saturday, April 28, 2018


Analysis of a Culture of Learning

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