Capstone Project: Scenario choice and Preliminary Outline

Submit your formal Capstone Project Scenario Choice along with a Preliminary Outline of your presentation.
This should include:
I. Title Page
II. Table of Contents (place holder at this time)
III. Basic structure content outline
IV. Reference Page:*Sources must be submitted in proper APA formatted style. (A variety of sources are required and 5-10 sources max)

*Reference section should consist of brief 2-5-sentence description of source and why it is a necessary source for your Capstone Project.

Save your Document as YOURNAME_SPHE490_CP_Topic_Outline.doc
NOTE: Your Capstone Project is a work in progress. Your sources will change and evolve throughout the process of completion. This is not a “set in stone” outline. It can change. Instructor feed back will focus on the necessity of your outline topics, quality of topic, as well as the sources you have chosen.
Field of study: 
Date Due: 
Thursday, January 17, 2019


Capstone Project: Scenario choice and Preliminary Outline

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