Basics of Alcohol Scavenger Hunt

Search the Internet to find the answers to the following questions. When you must provide a photo, make sure that you include the URL of the website where you got the photo from. All questions that have “find a photo” or “find a map” as part of the direction require you to copy the photo from its source and paste the photo as part of your answer to each question.


When you are done, save your document and submit it via Carmen. Make sure that you upload this activity to the “Unit 1 Activity” folder.



Questions 1 - 8 (5 points each)



1) What is the name of the current administrator of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau? Additionally, when (day, month, and year) was the TTB created?


2) Find a map of the United States that has all of the alcoholic beverage control states marked. How many states have control over the wholesaling or retailing of distilled spirits only (i.e. distilled spirits but not beer and wine)?


3) Find a photo of a bottle of beer that is prepared by freeze concentration (a.k.a. fractional freezing). Summarize in a sentence or two what fractional freezing is.


4) There is a famous addiction treatment center located in Rancho Mirage, CA. Who is this center named in honor of, and what role did that person serve in from 1974 to 1977?


5) Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome is a neurological disorder found in chronic alcoholics. What is the name of the compound that is deficient in people with this disorder? In addition to the compound name, find a photo of a model of the compound.


6) Find a photo of a chemical model of resveratrol. In addition to the photo, what alcoholic beverage is resveratrol most commonly found in?


7) Who wrote “Death in the Afternoon”, and what absinthe-based cocktail is he often credited with creating?


8) Phusion Projects was founded by 3 graduates from a university in 2005. The company produces an infamous alcoholic beverage that, prior to 2010, was caffeinated. What is the name of the alcoholic beverage they produced? In addition to the beverage brand name, find a photo of the mascot that represents the university the 3 founders of Phusion Projects graduated from.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Basics of Alcohol Scavenger Hunt

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