Communication at its Finest

Scenario 1:

Justin is a front office assistant at a local physician’s office. It was a busy day at the office, and Justin was consumed by patients and their needs. While helping a patient, Sarah, the other front office assistant, calls Justin over to answer questions regarding the patient intake process. Justin explains the process to Sarah and then continues to work with the patient at his window. Later that day Justin is frustrated that he had to stop working with his patient to explain a process to Sarah that he has explained a dozen times already. Justin takes to social media to express his frustrations with Sarah and her inability to take care of patients properly even though she has been trained.


Write a 175- to 260-word response to the following prompts:

       Explain whether Justin’s choice of communication in this situation is appropriate or inappropriate.

       Explain the ramifications of using social media as an outlet for voicing his frustrations about Sarah.

       Provide an example of an appropriate communication method that should have been used in this situation.

       Consider the appropriate personnel that should receive these communications.


Scenario 2:

Jana works in a long-term care facility that cares for all types of patients. Jana receives emails from multiple co-workers throughout the day, but today she received the following email from Sean:


Hi Jana,

I noticed that I DIDN’T receive your monthly report yesterday. I NEED to get it as soon as possible TODAY so that I can finish the final report.


Thanks, Sean


Write a 175- to 260-word response to the following prompts:

       Explain how Jana might perceive the tone of this email.

       Would she feel that Sean is yelling at her or angry?

       Would she feel that Sean is expressing urgency in the matter?

       Based on your discussion above, do you perceive Sean’s tone to be appropriate or inappropriate?

       As a manager, if you had an employee approach you about their discomfort over the tone of the email, explain how you would address the use of capitalization in an email.


Scenario 3:

Robert is an older patient checking in at the window of his local retail health clinic. The office assistant is taking his insurance card and asking a couple of follow up questions. Robert asked the assistant to speak up because of some background noise. The assistant starts to speak slower and enunciates her words instead of speaking louder.


Write a 175- to 260-word response to the following prompts.

       Explain whether the office assistant reacted appropriately to Robert’s request.

       Explain the role perception and age of the patient played in this scenario.


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Saturday, June 9, 2018


Communication at its Finest

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