HSA 300 midterm

Question 1

 Why is execution of the strategy so important?
•  Question 2
4 out of 4 points
Which of the following is not a critical success factor for effective strategic planning?
•  Question 3
    Which of the following is not part of the market assessment model?
•  Question 4
    Which of the following statements about the inclusion of key financial indicators in the planning process is true?
•  Question 5
    What is the main purpose of strategic planning?
•  Question 6
    Which of the following statements is/are true?
•  Question 7
4 out of 4 points
    What is the purpose of an organizational dashboard?
•  Question 8
    Which of the 9 Baldrige Award criteria ties impacts on and ties together all of the other criteria?
•  Question 9
4 out of 4 points
    The “failure to provide a service whose benefit is greater than its risk” is the definition of which of the following terms?
•  Question 10
4 out of 4 points
     Which aspect of quality does CQI focus upon to improve quality?
•  Question 11
    To Err is Human examined the high rate of medical errors in the US hospitals; such errors are due to which of the following?
•  Question 12
    What do the four letters in the PDCA Model represent?
•  Question 13
    Statitical Process Control focuses on controlling ___________.
•  Question 14
    Avedis Donabedian defined health care quality as having which of the following components?
•  Question 15
    All of the following are Mid-Level Practitioners EXCEPT:
•  Question 16
    Disruptive behaviors include
•  Question 17
    Residency Training lasts from ___to ___, depending on the specialty.
•  Question 18
    CME is:
•  Question 19
0 out of 4 points
    The largest category of healthcare workers is:
•  Question 20
    Resident work hours have changed due to:
•  Question 21
•  Question 22
    Which of the following indicates the need for more health care workers in the future?
•  Question 23
    Which of the following is a typical measure used by senior management to directly assess performance of HR efforts?
•  Question 24
    The best way for management in HSOs to avoid unions is to:
•  Question 25
    Major federal law affecting human resources primarily addresses:
•  Question 26
    The perspective that HSO employees should be viewed as a strategic asset means:
•  Question 27
4 out of 4 points
    Position descriptions are necessary to:
•  Question 28
    Leadership Development Programs in HSOs:
•  Question 29
    Which of the following is NOT correct about emotions?
•  Question 30
    MBTI stands for:
•  Question 31
    Teamwork is taught in:
•  Question 32
4 out of 4 points
    A wicked problem has which of the following features?
•  Question 33
    Nursing turnover costs are about:
•  Question 34
    Lucente, Rea, Vorce & Yancey's (1995) examination of a new multidisciplinary team organization demonstrated that:
•  Question 35
    Teams go through the following stages, in the following order:

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Friday, October 19, 2018


HSA 300 midterm

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