Importance of Communication Part1

As you learn more about the health care industry, you will find that it is a highly collaborative environment. All systems within health care must collaborate and communicate effectively to serve their consumers.

Note: It is important to complete this assignment prior to working on the Importance of Communication: Part 2.

Read the scenario provided.

Write a 350- to 525-word paper that discusses the principles of communication presented in the scenario.

  • Describe verbal and nonverbal cues from the scenario.
  • Based on the description of each group member, speculate as to how well this group will collaborate.
  • How can verbal and nonverbal communication be perceived as defensive?
    • How can this affect relationships in the workplace?

Include the report from Turnitin® and from WritePoint® powered by Grammerly with your assignment.

Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar reference.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Field of study: 
Date Due: 
Monday, June 18, 2018


Importance of Communication Part 1

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