History 147 Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

You must turn in your answers in typewritten form, using Times New Roman, 12 point font; please double space your answers.  Each answer should be at least ¾ -1  page long and should incorporate direct quotes and specific examples from the book. The quiz is worth a possible total of 5 points.

  1. Describe the problems that Linda (Harriet Jacobs) has with her master, Dr. Flint, and his wife, Mrs. Flint (worth 0.5 point). 
  2. Discuss Linda’s romantic relationships (excluding Dr. Flint) and discuss how Linda views marriage, sexuality and romance as a result of her experiences (worth 0.5 point).
  3. Give at least two examples of how Linda is at an advantage because of her grandmother’s position in the town (worth 1 point).
  4. Talk about some of the difficulties Linda experienced while in hiding (before she escapes to the North) (worth 1 point). 
  5. What was Linda’s experience like in the North with regard to work, racism, and Dr. Flint (and his daughter) (worth 1 point)?
  6. Discuss the trials that Linda’s children go through throughout the book (be sure to touch on their time in the North and the South) and, in a one to two sentence conclusion, explain the difficulties of being a child born into slavery (worth 1 point).

this is the URL of the book: http://docsouth.unc.edu/fpn/jacobs/jacobs.html

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HIST 1301 Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl: The Role of Gender

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