Compare And Contrast An Active Student And A Passive Student

Write the essay with 450 words minimum to 550 maximum in exactly five paragraphs. the introductory paragraph should introduce  topic without engaging in any comparisons or contrasts, and its final sentence must be the thesis statement; the three body paragraphs are where the comparing and contrasting should take place. The conclusion paragraph should tie everything together. 

Journal Critique

Introduction/ Problem and Purpose: Clearly define the problem to be researched, and the author’s authors/researcher's purpose or objective(s) for the article or research; what he/she is attempting to accomplish; and what specific research questions are being addressed. Hypothesis (es), if stated, should be paraphrased.

Method: State clearly the methodological procedures used by the researcher(s) to collect data indicating participants, i.e., the gender, age, and number of persons studied, procedure and instruments employed to gather and analyze information.

The Literature Review Debate

In Chapter 3 of Action Research: A Guide for the Teacher Researcher, the debate over the role of the literature process is discussed.  Mills (2014) remarks, Some researchers have argued that reviewing the literature curtails inductive analysis—using induction to determine the direction of the research—and should be avoided at the early stages of the research process.  Others suggest that the review of related literature is important early in the action research process because it helps action researchers identify underlying assumptions behind their research questions and he

Persuasive Research Essay (Draft)

For the persuasive research essay (draft) you will explore one of the four topics in the listed below:
  • Responsibility of companies to provide accurate information to consumers
  • Accountability in the media
  • Advertising and information
  • Technology and innovation in the classroom
  • The purpose of this assignment is to research the chosen topic, decide your stance, and write your essay to persuade the reader to adopt your stance. The essay must be 5-7 pages long and must use at least 6 academically appropriate sources (requirements listed below).

Compare and Contrast Two Countries Using Hofstede’s Six Dimensions

Follow the steps below to write a compare and contrast paper on Hofstede’s six dimensions:
  1. Review the information provided on Hofstede’s Six Dimensions of Culture in this week’s lecture.
  2. Choose two countries to compare using Hofstede’s Six Dimensions of Culture. 
  3. To compare the countries, access the Country Comparison section of The Hofstede Center  website. Select one country in the dropdown menu to see that country’s