ENG 220 week 5 Journal Entry #5

Continue writing in your journal by responding to at least two of the following prompts in at least 175 words: Reflect on the personal writing process you have used in this course and how you think you might change it in the future, based on what you have learned during the last few weeks. Additionally, identify any progress you think you have made in your writing during the course that will help you in your future academic studies or in your professional work. Do you think journal writing has helped you to improve your writing skills?

ENG 220 week 3 Personal Essay

Refer to the MyFoundationsLab® overview and animations of this week's topics, if you have not yet mastered this module. Revise the 350- to 700-word rough draft of your essay from Week 2 by applying the suggestions from your instructor and any further editing you think appropriate to improve your essay. Create a final draft of your paper. The final version should use appropriate grammar and syntax and be free of grammatical and punctuation errors. It should also contain a variety of sentence structures.

Compare And Contrast An Active Student And A Passive Student

Write the essay with 450 words minimum to 550 maximum in exactly five paragraphs. the introductory paragraph should introduce  topic without engaging in any comparisons or contrasts, and its final sentence must be the thesis statement; the three body paragraphs are where the comparing and contrasting should take place. The conclusion paragraph should tie everything together. 

Journal Critique

Introduction/ Problem and Purpose: Clearly define the problem to be researched, and the author’s authors/researcher's purpose or objective(s) for the article or research; what he/she is attempting to accomplish; and what specific research questions are being addressed. Hypothesis (es), if stated, should be paraphrased.

Method: State clearly the methodological procedures used by the researcher(s) to collect data indicating participants, i.e., the gender, age, and number of persons studied, procedure and instruments employed to gather and analyze information.