COM 180 Assignment 1: Reflection

1. Based on your own cultural experiences, what two mistakes were you already aware of before you read this chart?
2. After reading the list, identify two cultural mistakes that were a complete surprise to you. How will this information make you more culturally sensitive to your friends, coworkers, and online classmates?


Watch the video scenario entitled “Conflict.” Click here to view the text transcript of the video. Imagine that you are a member of the group, sitting silently and observing the conversation.

Capstone Project: Topic and Preliminary Outline: How Drugs Whether illegal or Prescription Affect Sports

Submit your formal Capstone Project Topic Choice along with a Preliminary Outline of your presentation.

This should include:

I.               Title Page

II.             Table of Contents (place holder at this time)

III.           Basic structure content outline

IV.           Reference Page:

*Sources must be submitted in proper APA formatted style. (A variety of sources are required and 5-10 sources max) 

*Reference section should consist of brief 2-5-sentence description of source and why it is necessary to your Capstone Project.

SPD-550 Case Study: PLAAFP and Annual Goals

Details: Read the case study to inform the assignment that follows.

Case Study: Ana

9th grade, Age 14

Background Information

Ana's mother, who became pregnant while in high school, is a single parent who completed her GED after Ana's birth. Her mother works full-time. Ana's parent never married and her biological father has had very limited contact with her. Ana has no siblings, but does have two male same-age cousins. Her mother wants Ana to finish school, as she wants her to be different from other family members.