Recruiting and Selecting the Right People

1. Recent economic difficulties, restructurings, and plant closing have left many people without jobs and looking for new career paths. A hiring employer can now enjoy being able to select from among far more applicants than typical. Unfortunately, many of these applicants lack qualifications for the jobs. How can a hiring employer avoid or deal with this glut of unqualified applicants? How can the problem be approached in recruitment? In selection, what tools would you recommend when an employer is facing a large number of applicants?

2. Should applicants be selected primarily on the basis of ability or on personality/fit? How can fit be assessed?

3. A company has come up with a new selection test and decides to try it out on some of its current workers before giving it to job applicants. A group of its current workers volunteered to take the test: 84 percent were male and 7 percent were over the age of 40. The scores on the test that each of the volunteers earned were correlated with the performance ratings each of the workers received in the company’s annual performance review process. The sizable correlation between the two sets of scores led the company to conclude that the test is valid. What type of validity evidence has the company generated? Are these potential problems with the company’s estimate of the validity of its test? Describe these potential problems. How can the problem be avoided?

4. You have been asked by your company to hire a new worker for your unit. You have been given responsibility for conducting the recruitment and selection. How would you recruit a new worker for your unit? Explain why you would use those particular methods and sources. How will you select the applicant who will actually get the job? Would you use some sort of tests and an interview? If so, what kind and in what order?

5. Interviewing unqualified applicants can be a frustrating experience and a waste of time for managers, peers, or whoever is responsible for interviewing. How can the HR department minimize or eliminate this problem?

6. You work for a medium-size, high-tech firm that faces intense competition on a daily basis. Change seems to be the only constant in your workplace, and each worker’s responsibilities shift from project to project. Suppose you have the major responsibility for filling the job openings at your company. How would you go about recruiting and selecting the best people? How would you identify the best people to work in this environment?
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Sunday, August 12, 2018


Recruiting and Selecting the Right People

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