CJA 375 Emergency Management Scenario One SEVERE WEATHER FLOOD

Major portions of the city have been affected by sudden severe weather with hail and heavy rains. These have caused the North River to flood parts of the City of Mertzville. These incidents are reported across a large scale area. You have received an emergency declaration from your Mayor and are asked to immediately respond and implement the Incident Command System (ICS) and emergency management response.


Overview: The North River flows south through the City of Mertzvile. This river flows through the entire town. This includes flowing past an industrial business park where several manufacturing plants and wherehouses store various dangerous chemicals and much of the cities food storage, and the cities vibrant downtown riverfront district, which includes, shopping, restaurants, and condominiums. This severe flooding has caused the North River to displace all businesses within one block of the river and some residences in the downtown riverfront area.


The North River has not flooded in over 100 years and this event was unplanned. Your learning team assignment requires a response plan to the flooded area along with the coordination and implementation of a disaster response. As part of this assignment your learning team must:


Create a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation detailing your learning teams’ initial emergency response, incident management (ICS) establishment, and overall approach to the emergency management scenario. Your presentation must include the following:


·       An overview of the emergency management incident

·       Initial response, roles, and assignment of first responders (patrol officers, fire, ems)

·         Public information statement—considerations for evacuation and medical assistance

·       Social media approach and information dissemination

·         Outline the leadership’s approach with the media

·         Funding consierations—do we require state or emergency funds?

·       Outline future NIMS training that will prepare local first responders for future floods Answer the following questions at the end of your presentation:

·       Should there be national standards for emergency management operations plans at large-scale sporting events?

·       How do you notify citizens or give better response and evacuation instructions?

·       How do you deal with internal communications of those working in the explosive environment and may not be able to utilize radios/communication equipment?

·       What are your plans for documenting the event for future training and response approaches?

·       How can training be improved for better response to future emergency preparedness and incidents?


You have the flexibility to improvise or realistically create information or details not included in the emergency management materials. Critical elements of this assignment focus on your team’s ability to understand differing ways and means to apply the emergency management process and approach to safely manage critical incidents. These incidents often involve tough decisions including assignments, personnel, equipment, training, and other factors affecting employees. See the attached map for basic references and planning.

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CJA 375 Emergency Management Scenario One SEVERE WEATHER FLOOD

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