Focus Paper

Write a seven to nine (7–9) page paper (2000–2500 words), not including the title and reference pages, describing how leadership motivates and innovates for organizational effectiveness. Includes the following:
  • Introduction to a specific organizational effectiveness goal you desire to achieve through coaching and innovation.
  • Discussion of coaching and its contribution to motivation, productivity, and engagement.
  • Research on leadership practices that foster creativity and contribute to organizational innovation.
  • Analysis of the effective use of coaching to achieve your specific goal and recommendations for increasing your personal coaching skills and techniques to improve your overall leadership effectiveness. Be sure to connect research to your analysis and recommendations.
  • Analysis of your current leadership practices and how well those practices contribute to creativity and organizational innovation and recommendations for increasing your overall effectiveness in this area. Be sure to connect research to your analysis and recommendations.
  • Conclusion should summarize the primary points of the paper and bring forward a call to action.
Therefore, please ensure it is written with proper grammar, in APA format (including clear section headings), and includes a minimum of four cited and referenced resources—at least two of which must be peer reviewed (scholarly) journal articles.
The overall point distribution for the Assignment will be as follows:
  • 50% (75 points): Content, focus, use of research, and organization
  • 30% (45 points): Analysis and critical thinking
  • 20% (30 points): Writing style, grammar, APA format
Field of study: 
Date Due: 
Monday, January 7, 2019


Executive Coaching

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