Ethical Decision Making Debate

Select an ethical dilemma related to professional competence.

Develop a a 1,250- to 1500 Word  Paper (not counting title and reference slide) with detailed speaker notes based on your selected dilemma.

Address the following items:

Describe your selected ethical dilemma and why it is a dilemma.
Provide an argument for two methods of resolving the issue and justify the ethical resolution process you would take under each method.
Provide an argument for why each method should be used.


Include a reference slide with a minimum of 3 scholarly sources. Scholarly sources are journal articles or books. The textbook can count as one scholarly source. Websites will only be considered supplemental sources and will not be included as a part of the minimum of 3 scholarly sources.

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Date Due: 
Tuesday, May 8, 2018


PSYCH 660 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Ethical Decision Making Debate

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