Theories of Behavior

Question 1 A child is engaging in a set of behaviors in an attempt to not have to go to his grandma's house. Pretend you are taking data on the response class of behavior that he engages in after his mom says "Johnny, let's get in the car!" Explain how a response class is defined and what that would look like in this situation - what dimension would you measure across?

Question 2 Shaping is an important part of how we teach a new behavior. What is an example of a behavior that may require shaping? What role does differential reinforcement play in shaping this new behavior? Does punishment come into play in this process?

Question 3 Motivating operations are important to understand from the point of behavior frequency and function. What is the relationship between satiation and deprivation and motivation to engage in behavior? Give examples of each. Which do you consider most important? Why?

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