HOSP 1015: Managing the Guest Experience Reservations Assignment

In this assignment, you will visit three separate booking sites (one of which must be the brand web site) and take notes about the differences in the experiences.  Enter your observations in the appropriate cells in the table below.  For the item below the chart, type out your findings.  Save this document, and submit the document through the assignment link in Ulearn. 

Your Name: 


Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

What site did you choose? Hotel name?




What arrival date did you choose?




What departure date did you choose?




Did your hotel appear on the first page of the search results?  If not where?




Were photos of the hotel appealing?   Explain.




What was the room rate displayed for a standard room?




Where their any restrictions on the rate you researched?  If so, list them (if a lot give examples).  How many were there?




Would the reservation need to be prepaid? Explain




Would the reservation have been non-refundable?





How old would you need to be to book this reservation?




What was the latest time/day you could cancel the reservation?




Were there ratings or awards of the hotel on the site?  Explain.




Were there guest comments on the site?  Explain and give a couple of examples.




Using the calendar on the site, see how far in advance you could book your reservation.   What is the furthest month/year you can reserve?




Give 2 strengths (things you liked) and 2 negatives (did not like) about the site.  Be specific.




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Date Due: 
Thursday, January 17, 2019


HOSP 1015: Managing the Guest Experience Reservations Assignment

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