Project: Group Wiki Part 2: Identification of a Policy

As an astute social worker and professional policy advocate, once you have selected a social problem, you begin the process of creating and implementing a policy that addresses that social problem.
In Part 2 of your ongoing Wiki assignment, you identify a policy created and implemented to address the problem you described in Part 1 of your Group Wiki. Part 1 of the Group Wiki is below under “Current Wiki Page data below.” The topic is teenagers aging out of the foster care system.
Complete Part 2 of your Group Wiki.
Address the following questions for the Wiki page for Part 2. Answer each question individually. Should be in APA format and include references and in text citations for each question.:
· Is the policy identified by your group dictated by local, state, or federal statute—or a combination thereof?
· What are the different aspects of the policy?
· How long has the current policy been in place?
· Who supports and who opposes the policy?
· What changes/amendments have been made to the policy?
Field of study: 
Date Due: 
Monday, January 7, 2019


SOCW 6361 Project: Group Wiki Part 2: Identification of a Policy

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